July 6, 2023

ELCC Roadmap: Making Space

by Neria Aylward

Jimmy Pratt Foundation

“Making Space: 2023 Roadmap on Early Learning and Childcare” proposes 5 pathways supported by researchers and advocates that would help the government create more regulated spaces in a matter of months. This document focuses on 5 priority areas: Retaining the ECE workforce, building the public childcare system, introducing Junior Kindergarten, and developing targeted strategies to increase rural and Indigenous childcare spots.

The Jimmy Pratt Foundation has published three discussion papers on the early years in our province: “The Early Years Last a Lifetime” (2013), “Growing Education Down to Include the Early Years” (2014), and “Let’s Get it Right! Early Childhood Education for the Next Generation” (2022). With input from the Jimmy Pratt Foundation, the provincial government established integrated governance within the Department of Education in 2014 and implemented full-day kindergarten in 2015.

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