November 15, 2011

Report Release: Early Years 3

by Neria Aylward

Jimmy Pratt Foundation

The Jimmy Pratt Foundation was proud to be a part of the research and publication of the national study Early Years Study 3 which documents the social, economic and scientific rationale for increased investments in early childhood education. It also introduces the Early Childhood Education Report to monitor the funding, policy, access and quality of early education programming. Our involvement in this project sought to inform our province of the critical need to focus on giving our families more options and our children better opportunities. The report informs our province with the social, scientific and economic evidence that if we truly wish to provide our children with an equal opportunity to maximize their potential, it is vital that we do everything we can to enhance their early development. Our survival as a species will depend on our children acquiring the skills they will need to cope with the social and environmental revolutions of the 21st century. Canada’s future depends on our ability to leverage what we know into policies and practices that support families and benefit children today.